Viber for iPhone Download


Viber for iPhone is the application that Viber has developed for terminals iPhone. With Viber for iPhone can quickly download this app on your iPhone.

Addition Viver for iPhone, also is available for iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

With Viber iPhone you can make free calls to Viber users only, regardless of the device they use.

Viver for iPhone is free at the Apple Store and ask us to introduce our phone number. Unlike other applications that use VoIP technology in Viber for iPhone do not ask us to register.

The operation of Viber iPhone is very simple, but we must have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G.


In order to install Viber for iPhone we entered Apple Store and look Viber. Viber icon appears and click Install.

We press Install again, and write our details from Apple account . We click OK and start downloading and installation.

Once installed, Viber icon appears on the screen and click on it to run. Welcome window appears and press continue.

Now Viber asking us to access our contacts, and we and we allow to press OK.

Then we write down our phone number and click Continue. Viber send us a text message with a verification code to approve the account. We click Approve.

We waited a few moments and will receive this message. We write the code that have sent us and press Enter Viber.

                               Viber for iPhone devices

As of now we are inside Viber and we configured our own account. Automatically, the application looks in our contacts that are in Viber and includes them in the Viber contact list. We detect all these contacts because appears a purple icon.

It's time to use this app and make free calls.


The handling of this application is very simple.

In the bottom of the screen are five buttons:

To make a call on Viber open Contacts, find the person and click on the contact. Start the call as a normal call through the data connection of your iPhone.




This application works with two basic functions that are free:

One of its main advantages is that Viber continues to function even when application is not open or close on our mobile. This mode is very comfortable because we know when we receive a message or a call. However, it consumes more battery and shortens its duration.

This application works with the iPhone connected to a Wi-Fi network or with 3G coverage. Calls can significantly increase data traffic from our mobile, so it is advisable to have hired a data plan with our phone company.

Viber is an application that constantly renews itself to be more attractive and get more users. Thanks to these improvements has become the second most downloaded free iPhone application in the Apple Store. In 2012 developed version 2.2 and in 2013 version 3.0.

Viber Version 2.2

Viber version 2.2 developed in 2012 included significant developments that not had previous version. Among them we can highlight, as with Whatsapp, the ability to chat in groups.

Has a new speech engine that improves the audio quality of calls. Also, you can assign a background image to each conversation, and view a photo of each user, which comes from the contact list.

It also has a clever new feature for notifications, that assures users that do not receive a large number of alerts.

                                                   Viber for iPhone Image 3

Viber Version 3.0

To increase its competition with Whatsapp, Viber has been updated and has released the new version 3.0 that introduces important new features.

The first and most important is the ability to send messages accompanied by videos. Other features that this new version of Viber are: